Best Ever Woodworking Projects & Shop Tips 2010 (32 Can do plans, 2010)

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T·lv•r ''ojecta and store Tlpa 2011 SHOPDP 114 SHOPTIP one hundred fifteen Bore perpendicular holes with out a drill press Get the (brad) element transportable drills cannot fit the accuracy of a dnll press for mak•ng perpendicular holes, yet you ciln come shut us•ng e•ther of those concepts A doweling 119 (Photo A) {see assets backside) can double as a dnll consultant by way of ~t. utlng a gap us1ng the right consultant bush•ng Then, gUidt'd via the shallow starter gap, drill during the workpiece not anything frustrates like watchmg a tw1st bll scoot clear of the rigorously m<~rked situation the place you intended to dnll a gap. With a brad-pomt bit, even if, the top remains planted the place you will want 1l. commence with a bJsic set, and store them only for woodworkmg you can also drill extra competently a1ded by way of c1 S14 J•g (Phot o B). (See assets. ) you are restricted to bits the \arne diameters because the six bushings supplied, yet that is extra select1on than w1th the dow ltng jig if you happen to step as much as a drill press sometime, you continue to can use th1s Jig to dnll mto spheres, the perimeters of dowels, or a workpiece side TWist bit -- SHOPTIP 116 Hone your cornering skills AnothN easy-to-make j•g allows you to rout exact rounded corners of any dlc. ~meter time after time. Mc. ~ke the jig from MDF or plywood ,Jbout 6 eight" sq. On one nook of the sq., use a compass to attract . , zone wcle the radius you will want W1th . , JIQSdW, minimize w1th1n 1• 6 of the compass pencil mark with no crossing 1t Use a disc sander or hardwood sand1ng block to assets \rnooth the curve all the way down to the pencil mark. Then connect ,1 p. 1ir of cleats to the perimeters c. ldJoining the curve, protecting the clt'. lts atlea)t 1ft clear of the place the curve commence\ to begin, press the 1•g cleats dgdmst the workpiece nook, (Photo A), and hint the curve Jigsaw to w1thm • of your pencil line [Photo B]. 1 2 Now, flip your jig right into a router three templ11te, clamping it to the workpiece so your router c. m stream freely round the nook. AdJU\t a 1"-long development bit to make the head fixed beanng nde . 1gamst the 11g atop the workpiece [Photo C) Then, rout left to correct to take away the tough jigsawn aspect make sure you l. ,bt'IJI9S for destiny use four Slwhon I. StOf~ Xl. abou1 S2J. The lehigh crew, 60(). 523-9382 or ~. com. Doweling Jig version G1874, S321rom Grizzly lnduurlal. eoo. S23 4717 orgrizzty. com. Dflll gu . No 140876w\th M. ", "\\. " ". fl. ", and h"bushingnnd Ctnt •ng pin ~boot SIS Woodc:rlft. 800-22S 11530f wood(. fah. com most sensible ,ountll'ld bMrlnt pttttrn bll. S. tt16509w•tr 1 'h"·d•·•meterby ·~·cut ling heoght abou1 S19. MLCS. 800 Sll 9298 or mlc~woodworklng com; 1 Wl 1007 zero w1th a W·dl. :lmeter by means of YM" slicing helght,lbout $14, wooden line, 800 472 6950 or woodllne. com. woodmogoz1 ne c om a hundred and five - - - - SHOPTIP 111 SHOPTIP 118 Plot your path Make notes, now not stories prior to you narrow the flr~t bo•. Hd for a undertaking, rcv1ew the plam, line up ,lll the fabrics and ~upplies, and be certain what instruments and equip· ment you will want. imagine •1bout the stairs concerned . 1nd how you will t~ccompllsh them.

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