Hornswogglers, Fourflushers & Snake-Oil Salesmen: True Tales of the Old West's Sleaziest Swindlers

By Matthew P. Mayo

Everyone loves a heel, specially one to whom not anything used to be sacred and who charmed his or her manner into the hearts, minds, and wallets of bumpkins and belles alike. Hornswogglers, Fourflushers, and Snake-Oil Salesmen offers dozens of stories of petty bandits, sleazy bunko artists, and conniving conmen (and conwomen!) who traveled West to hunt their fortunes through preying on those that went prior to them to settle and explore. 
Hornswogglers, Fourflushers, and Snake-Oil Salesmen tells who those nefarious ne'er-do-wells have been, what they did, and why they're remembered, and every bankruptcy is illustrated with attractive historical pictures and illustrations of the shady characters at paintings and play. 
Caution: Lock up your pockets earlier than reading!

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