The Phonics Handbook in Print Letter: A Handbook for Teaching Reading, Writing and Spelling (Jolly Phonics)

The easiest position to begin while educating Jolly Phonics to a category. The Phonics instruction manual is an entire source for educating interpreting, writing and spelling.

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Flash Card: instructor indicates the letters 'ee' and 'or'. motion: make sure that the youngsters understand those as separate sounds. youngsters faux their fingers are the donkey's ears, t inheritor palms are instantly up for the ee and bent down for the or, announcing ee or, ee or. extra Phonics: The lengthy 'e' vowel has another major manner of being written: ea .... peas, dream, cream, move, and so on. The 'or' sound has 3 different major methods of being written: au .... August, Autumn, sauce, haul, and so on aw .... jaw, yawn, scarf, uncooked, and so forth. al .... speak, stroll, chalk, ball, and so forth. ~ lUrlli1rwJj~ sick ee or lengthy e and the 'or' sound ~ ,. motion fake to be a donkey braying, and asserting eeyore, eeyore. bee see sheep ft tree fork brief torch corn typhoon ee -' ''--~~/~;- , zero 1 ~' r ' \... t-- ~/-:) I _ __ _ ~~~ _____~ ~, cy I - . ;- ( :'-,- - ,::=-':(--: - 7--;,--;' ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- \- -~ _'~_ ~:: 7-,,~ I , I I I - \- \ __ . _ !. __ -,'~'\f\ , I ,I r- - ' _L I 1_ ....... " , ... - : ...... ,,""';. - - - - - - - -- -- - -- -I \. I I I PHOTOCOPY part 2: SOUND SHEETS. urged Storyline for the 'z' sound: Bees fly round within the backyard. They pass from flower to flower. each time they fly they make a zzzzzzzzzz sound. Flash Card: instructor exhibits the letter 'z'. motion: kids faux to be bees through maintaining their elbows in and flapping their palms up and down announcing zzzz zzzzzz. Letter Formation: instructor exhibits the right way to shape the letter 'z'. young ones shape the letter within the air. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I o.. --....... I I" - I le I ' ~ 1, I" eleven " " I, II" ' ~ I ~ ~ ~ --~ - - - '" I I ~ -- " I -- -- , I, ' ''-1, I' I I1" " " ,i I' ''" N N N ::::s .... zero o o N 1 1 ''-1 PHOTOCOPY part 2: SOUND SHEETS. prompt Storyline for the 'w' sound: inform Aesop's myth of 'The Wind and the Sun'. The West wind stated "I gets the fellow to take his coat off' and blew and blew. the guy held onto his coat. Then the sunlight shone brighter and warmer, till the guy took off his coat. Flash Card: instructor exhibits the letter 'w'. motion: little ones cup h ands and blow directly to them asserting wwwwww. Letter Formation: instructor indicates how you can shape the letter 'w'. young children shape the letter within the air. extra Phonics: The 'w' sound has otherwise of being written: wh .. .. white, whale, whip, wheel, and so forth. , plus the six query phrases: wh .... while, the place, what, why, who (silent 'w') and which. 1 1 --- 1 1 1 -- 1 ~ 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L___ 1--- r--; 1- - . 1 1 - -: okay. ~_ 1. - r -- L__ 1 __ 1< -: 1.. -1 - r - - __ I. / -' '- -- 1 I"" ~ 1 ~ three -. Q) £; Q) . ~~ -g ~~ '" . c~c Q)o> Z C- c o~ O cC- - zero zero Q) ~ I- ,,-0 U o . ~

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